Rating System

Hmm, how do I say this? I have a unique way of rating books. I always start with 5 stars; when I see a typo there’s a deduction of .5 stars, and when I read something I don’t like or when something impossible– that-doesn’t-happen-IRL kind of impossible– happens another .5 stars will again be deducted. Those deductions can be redeemed when something really good, exciting and unexpected happens.

I don’t review all the books I read. I only review the ones that are worth talking. I sometimes don’t make a review about books I loved because it’s either I want to keep my thoughts to myself, or words aren’t enough to describe how awesome that book is.

I mark a book as DNF when I don’t feel or like it, or when the characters annoy me.

If you go and check my Goodreads account, you can see that I gave 5 Stars to most of the books I read. As a book reviewer, I can pretty much say that I am very generous when rating books.


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