Book Review: Penny in London


Author: Fisher Amelie
Genre: Romance, Contemporary,
New Adult, Chick Lit
My rating: ★★★★★


Love makes us do stupid things– like Penelope Beckett for example. She flew all the way from Dallas to London to be with Graham Glenn, the man she thought she’d spend her whole life with. But Graham broke it off, and Penny accidentally hurt herself that’s why she ended up in Oliver Finn‘s care. Oliver is Graham’s childhood best friend. Oliver took care of Penny and the rest is history.

Penny in London is the first Fisher Amelie book I’ve read, and I am not disappointed at all. It is one of those ‘I’m-so-glad-I-decided-to-read-this-book‘ kind of book. I definitely loved every chapter. This book and I had never had any dull moment, you can see the proof because I read it in less than a day. This book is such a cute, light read, and it has a happy ending so I’m totally hooked! Oliver was totally my favorite character! OMG, he’s so swoony, sweet, gentleman, and British!! What more could I ask for? I wish I could find a man that will take care of me like Oliver does to Penny. LOL. Of course, I loved Penny,too! That girl is so strong and independent. She’s my spirit animal. You go, girl! I also loved Oliver’s family. They remind me of my family whenever we receive visitors at home.

If I loved Penny, Oliver, and his family; well, I HATED GRAHAM!!! No, I don’t hate him. I loathe him. He is sooooo disgusting! How can he do the things he had done??  Like, what kind of person is he? How can he do such things to his friend?  Or maybe he didn’t even treat Oliver as a friend because a friend will never do such horrible things to his friend.

There is a very unexpected plot twist in this book which I loved. The book was already amazing, but this plot made it even more better!! If you’re into contemporary and romance, or if you want to try something that is out of your genre, I definitely recommend you this book. It is definitely worth the read.

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