The Bookishdamselle in the city

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HELLO! I’m greeting you all with a big hello because I have been inactive for months. I know, I’m being a neglectful blogger again, and I’m sorry for that.

Life hasn’t been good with me last March. Some trials went my way, and I had to do something with it, and it has been 4 months since I made the big move to the city from the province due to some personal reasons. Moving away from home is such a hard thing for me to do since I have lived there ever since I was born. Several years back, I resent living in the province because there’s nothing much to do and there’s nowhere to go. In other words, boring. I have always wanted to live in the city because of the malls, bookstores, and the like. Now that I am here, there is nothing I wouldn’t do just to be at home right now. It took me a week to adjust to my new environment, I spent every night crying and wishing that I was at home with my family. But sometimes I still get homesick especially at night. You know that hollow felling in your chest? Yes, that’s it. Nevertheless, I thank God for giving me the most supportive family, I could not have done this without them.

My parents used to visit me here every weekend but I made them stop because it is too tiresome, a 10-hour drive to the city is no joke, I’d rather have them spend the weekends at home together with my siblings; but I make sure to find time to come home at least once a month.

As I stay here, I notice that the city is way, way, way different from the province:

The only reason why I am not so sad anymore is because I live near not 1, not 2, but 5 bookstores!!! Two (Fully Booked-Katipunan, National Bookstore-Katipunan) of which are a 10-minute walk away from where I live, while the other three (Fully Booked-UPTC, National Bookstore-SM Marikina, Fully Booked-Eastwood)  are located at the malls near me. There’s more, because I also live near fastfood chains and restaurants! And that, my friends, is why I keep on gaining weight.

In my 4 months of stay here, I am happy because I have met new people and made friends out of them. I have been accepted by a group of awesome women, and I am very thankful of that.

Maybe life here in the city isn’t so bad after all, but if I’ll have to choose, I’ll always prefer my life in the province. promo4 copay


2 thoughts on “The Bookishdamselle in the city

  1. Welcome back, El! I’m sorry to hear that life has been difficult for you, and I’m sending good vibes your way in the hopes that things will get better soon.

    Living far from your family is HARD – I’ve actually never been the kind to get homesick ever and it’s been six years since I last really lived with my family, but I’m having a lot of trouble missing them right now more than ever before. So yeah, I just want to say that I can relate on that front, and you’re not alone.

    I’m glad to hear that having bookstores around you has helped, and I’m glad to hear that you have a group of awesome women around you! Support systems are a must when you’re living far away from your original one (i.e. your family). I hope things continue to get better and better. ❤


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