How I take + edit my Instagram Photos

I often get questions left in my Instagram’s comment sections about what app and filter do I use in editing my photos. Just last week, someone has left a similar comment and I failed to reply because I can’t find it anymore 😦 Whoever you are, this blog post is for you.


That is the foundation of all my photos because for me a good lighting means a good raw photo. I use two kinds of light; artificial and natural. And sometimes a little bit of both. Natural lighting is the light that comes from the sun, or whenever you take photos outdoors during daytime. For artificial lighting, I use a lamp. And for both, I take photos at the window for natural lighting, I also use a fluorescent light and yellow dim light for effects.

All photos found above are raw/unedited photos.


If you go deep in my Instagram feed you’ll notice that I use a white background. But now, I kind of like to add color to it so I’m also using wood and/or anything other than white as a backdrop, but I still make sure to it that it has a touch of white. White backgrounds give a nice, clean look but I sometimes find it boring that is why I decided to add a burst of colors.

I take photos using either my iPhone or Nikon D5300. Both devices  works for me because they both produce good quality of photos.


I use VSCO Cam in editing my photos, it’s free in the Appstore or Play Market. There are already free filters included when you download it but you can also download paid filters.


When editing my photos I don’t just stick to one filter. I try all the filters until I find the one that is suitable for the photo. There are also times when I don’t use any filter at all, I just adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo until I’m satisfied with it.


TIP: Before taking photos, plan first what book do you want to photograph and where to photograph it. It is also important to visualize how you want your photo to look like.

All of us has our own way of editing our bookstagram photos, and those are the factors that I consider when editing mine. I hope that this somehow helped you.

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