Author Spotlight: Sam Hayes

A week ago I discovered this awesome author who is currently working on a short story, and he is posting tiny chapters of it on his Instagram account. You might think that there’s nothing new about what he’s doing, but here’s the catch- he writes using his old typewriter.

Meet Sam Hayes. He is a writer and his first novel comes out on February 2016 under Amazon White Glove. In this techie generation that we live in, who would have thought that someone still writes his books using an old typewriter? I can’t help but be amazed because a typewriter doesn’t have a delete button. Hands down to you, sir! 

I’m calling out to all fiction lovers like me out there to check his story out. Friends, let us all support Mr. Sam Hayes as he release his first novel on February 2016. I will post more details about his novel soon, so stay tuned!

Here are some samples of Sam Hayes’ works:

The short story is entitled Hollywood Forever. It is a short story from The Hotel Nightingale.

#hollywoodforever #fiction #bookstagram @cinespia

A post shared by Sam Hayes (@sam.hayes) on

Chapter 1/13 of Hollywood Forever.

Chapter 1/13. #hollywoodforever #fiction #bookstagram @cinespia

A post shared by Sam Hayes (@sam.hayes) on

If you want to read more of this short story head over to Sam Hayes’ Instagram account, @storiesbysam.

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