Let me tell you a story…

I started reading books when I was in grade school. I frequent our school library during school days to scan for books. I remember reading Amelia Bedelia, Nancy Drew, Junie B. Jones, and the like- but of course, let’s not forget the fairy tales that we all read, or what our parents read to us when we were kids. I eventually stopped reading those books when I was in sixth grade because I realized that I am too old for those books, and then I discovered joke books. But trust me when I say I don’t have any sense of humor.

I got my first novel when I was in first year high school. The book is called The Manny-I forgot the name of  the author- and I never read it. NEVER. Until now. During my high school days,  I read Danielle Steel. I stopped reading joke books when I was in high school. It was then when I realized I was into chick lit and contemporaries. My favorite book in high school was Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Here comes college… It was only this time when I discovered that I was born to read books. I actually came from a family of readers. I was in first year college when I asked my mother to buy me a book, she said yes. And I asked her again, she said yes. Then I asked her again, this time she said no. So I asked my father to take me to the bookstore, and so he did. He let me buy books so I bought a lot. And then I asked my father to buy me a book, this time he said no.

That time I learned how to save my school money so I can buy books, and I still do it until today.

As I grow older, I noticed that my taste in books have changed. From joke books, to chick lits and contemporaries. Now, I actually can’t believe myself that I’ve been reading new adults, romances, young adults, and historical fictions. I never pegged myself as one who reads historical fics.

I love who I’ve become now. The girl that has become a diverse reader. 

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