Book Review: Overruled

Author: Emma Chase
Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction, New Adult
My rating: ☆☆


Disturbing. That is how I found the novel. It is so wrong in so many aspects. Yes, it tackles about societal issues but the problem is, the author focused on the negative side. I would have appreciated it if she turned the negative into positive. I’m sorry if this is how I start my review, but I can’t focus in the good side of the story when it clearly portrays one thing: CHEATING.

Cheating. Infidelity. And everything that is synonymous to that word. I know that Jenny and Stanton has agreed to an arrangement where they can see anybody while they’re not beside each other. That is so wrong! You must be tough as a steel in order for you to make a relationship stronger and last longer. If you have somebody with you other than the one you have at home, how can you do those things that will make your relationship last? If you truly love her you would ignore the temptations the come along the way.

Here comes Sophia, Stanton’s workmate. They are “friends with benefits”. Their story is kind of cliche, the two of them enters into that kind of setup, then they both fall for each but they won’t admit it because it might ruin their friendship. NO. JUST NO. Sophia’s attitude is a no-no. She knows that Stanton has a family but she’s still fine with her set-up with Stanton. Girl, you are a lawyer you deserve someone better, and you can do better than being a home-wrecker.

Also, shoutout to Jenny for marrying someone when they have only been together for 3 months. Just like what Elsa of Frozen said, “You can’t marry a man you just met”.

The only thing I loved about the book is their daughter.

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